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Oddly enough, Lidl do a very good job with their wine selection.

If we're talking austerity the cost of champagne is neither here nor there, it's not going to make a significant difference to your cost of living unless you have very questionable priorities when setting your household budget. In any case, the people being kicked in the balls by austerity aren't moaning about the cost of champagne, they've got far more important things to worry about.

Housing costs are crippling, NHS services are being pushed to the point of failure, benefits (both in and out of work) are being slashed left right and centre. And despite this we've got an electorate which is making decisions which will pile on yet more costs, and likely lead to falling tax receipts as well. With a Tory government at the helm that means yet more austerity to come. Probably not what most voters in the North of England had in mind, but they've made their bed now.

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