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"That you think Priti Patel is some kind if ace UK trade deal negociator."

I would love to see you quote where I say that. At all. And I see your still having difficulty writing my name. Someone responding to one of my previous posts claimed that invalidated the entire post. Personally I just see it as an opportunity to mention ctrl-C and ctrl-V.

"Or that countries are lining up to do the UK some massive favour. Name them if so."

What are you on about massive favour? We all trade because its in our own favour and deals can be done much quicker with 1 country than with every member of the EU. But New Zealand did offer us their negotiators to get out of the EU. As for lining up there was China, Australia I think India mentioned something and a few others. And while Obama talked about us at the back of the Queue the noises of those behind him seemed to disagree. Off the top of my head.

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