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Not quite sure I agree. Samsung have done *very* well out of Google. They're one of the top selling smartphone brands in many regions using a free O/S. Samsung could have used its own OS or forked Android if it wanted too but it recognised, I presume, that the brand and the weight behind Android would help, not harm them.

Google have also done very well out of Samsung, ensuring that they get big exposure for their wares and manage to use it to collect marketing data across both mobile and pc (Google as well as Facebook are one of the few who can track many people cross device).

Samsung have some very expensive lawyers and therefore must have freely accepted the patent sharing deal as being a good deal with them, even if it did have some sort of non-compete clause. I'm sure it wasn't as strict as zero compete because there are many Samsung branded apps that replace the default Google set.

I just don't get this whole "poor little Samsung getting bullied by Google" crap. Samsung can look after themselves very well and, as I said have prospered massively due to Android. If it was a small start-up running into the Google brick wall I'd care more, but any agreement Samsung went into they did with their eyes open and knew it was a win for them.

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