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I don't know who this "Dr" Stephen Jones is, or whether he is a medical man or just another PhD, but I do know that he seems to have drunk a very strong cocktail made for him by Farage, Boris, Gove, Davis and the other Brexit liars. What is staggering is that someone who seems to be educated and able to argue coherently can simply ignore the facts that emerge every day to show that (a) the negative economic predictions of the Remain campaign are being reinforced daily [this thread is a good example of that] and (b) that the fantasies about how the UK can remain a successful trading nation by abandoning most of our trading deals overnight are just that - fantasies. It's disgusting that our MPs are so obsessed by party politics that they can't see their clear duty to stop the madness now, which a simple vote of no confidence could do in a moment.

And still we find fantasies in this forum like "Hopefully the pre-existing freedom of movement for UK citizens should still apply after any form of Brexit." No, eat your cake and it turns to s**t.

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