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"It's already costing small IT businesses. I spend about £5K a year on hosting and domain charges, most of which are base-priced in USD or Euros, even if they're nominally a UK supplier and I pay in sterling. It's already putting my costs up by about £500 p.a. Thank you Mr Gove."

Yep, it's all the fault of Boris, Gove, Dominic "Accuracy is for snake-oil pussies" Cummings and Matthew Elliott and their huge pack of Brexit lies, the most egregious of which was that all EU monies would henceforth go to funding the NHS.

It's not only the IT sector that's suffering from all those Leave lies. I know of people losing their jobs in manufacturing (essential components have become too expensive to import since the Brexit pound crash) and other people in the transport sector who now won't get a pay rise next year because of the cost of more expensive fuel.

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