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Higher tech prices ARE here to stay. It's Mr Farage's new Britain


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Farage does not own any tech companies and cannot be blamed for the profiteering

I agree I am sure a former commodities broker did not manage to make any money out of this at all. Although TBH I think Farage's concern is more staying in the limelight.

Higher prices are here to stay. That means your company makes more profits and you earn higher wages. Still foreigners are rushing to buy cheap products Made in Britain.

Every manufacturing company I have worked with in the UK has bought components from abroad, and no a lot we cannot manufacture in the UK, especially raw materials before you ask. So if it costs more to make, who absorbs that cost?

My current company we used to be able to do IT work in Europe and easily hire contractors abroad, send some of our guys out there to make things go smoothly etc. Dunno if we are going to pick up ad hoc work like that so easily now, or what we will have to do to get one of our lot working in Europe, since I am sure that just putting someone on a plane quickly and sending them over to work wont be as easy.

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