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Of the Brexit voters that I know, most voted that way simply to stick a well-deserved two fingers up at the Westminster establishment, never expecting that Brexit would even come close to a majority. Some now regret having voted Brexit

Out of four i have talked to at work, one did it because of that reason and thinks that it may have been a mistake, one did it to see what would happen and thinks they made a mistake, one did it because ending free movement of Europeans stops the Syrians from getting in and protects our borders and is still pro (I think), one did it to take our pride back (then again he also thought Trump was a great idea and that he will work with Putin to sort out Syria) and is definitely pro.

Oh and there is someone on my team who didn't bother to vote, thinks it's all hilarious people are pissed off at Brexit and that we are being silly complaining about losing value on the pound, then again he also doesn't trust mainstream news but will trust posters on reddit claiming to have worked for the FBI (they also are a Trump supporter).

The amount of lack of depth in thinking I have seen on Brexit is breathtaking, I can't help feeling that many people voted on nothing more than a byline.

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