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Re: Brexit means brexit.

"It's already putting my costs up by about £500 p.a. Thank you Mr Gove."

I'm sure that nice Mr Gove will recompense you, perhaps even reimbursing the losses you suffer because of his ill-explained "logic". (For Michael is an honourable man. So are they all, honourable men.)

On the other hand, maybe they can't afford to, what with £350m going into the NHS. What, that was a promise they cant deliver? No .. that cannot be .. Nigel is an honourable man (ok, now i have go clean up the vomit. At least with Corbyn I can disagree but see that he believes what he says, disagree though I do, at least he is vaguely honest in that way. Farage seems to me to be about as honest as Bernie Madoff)

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