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"I used to believe in "Globalization" when I thought it would lead to higher wages and better health, education, and environmental protection for everyone."

Actually it does, even if the MegaCorps don't like it. The standard of living in China has gone up significantly for at least 300 million people, dito for tens of millions in India and around South East Asia. Not based on numbers, just on seeing factories over there, working with people there, for about 60 trips in the last 15 years.And hearsay, from colleagues who spend about 5 months every year there. Not, for the record, in walled gardens (aka "expat communities").

Unless, of course, you mean "for me" when you say "for everyone". That's the point of Globalization. It's global. And on a global scale, pretty much everyone I know (and probably most of those who post here) are members of that "small elite".

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