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Ah, you speak of the new illiberal brexit elite!

Given the way they handled reality like it was the Mortal Enemy Of Men I think illiterate would be more accurate. Unless I look at what happened in the US it is hard to find a more cynical manipulation of media and people in the last few years, made worse because they got away with it. It's the political equivalent of a failure to stop after causing a grievous accident and being complimented on it.

I've been around quite a few years, but 2016 is winner by some margin of worst year ever. I would have added "but admittedly I'm not old enough to have experience WW 2", but my worry is that I may yet experience a WW 3 if this goes on. Removing a need for factual accuracy from a growing pool of idiots is akin to removing the damping rods from an active reactor: it will have consequences, and none of them good.

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