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Trade deals

I did see on Twatter that Daniel Hannan the MEP had shipped himself off to Colombia to flog some "innovative jams" or whatever we have to offer.

The sad reality is that we don't set the world on fire with physical goods production and what we do build like cars, steel, chips etc are primarily foreign owned and ultimately can be relocated.

Most of our "exports" are service based and again are easily movable.

Our food production is driven by low skilled EU migration and again the larger food producing agro industries can move to fields in mainland Europe as we don't have any unique climate crops.

Apparently according to UKIP's Suzanne Evens we have some massive trade advantage as we buy lots of stuff, I get the feeling she, like many kippers doesn't understand how global trade actually works or how the UK economy is so dependent on easily movable businesses.

So its not just tech thats rising in price, food and energy is as well.

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