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>and voted for sovereignty.

I call UKIP FUD.

For those who do not understand, parliament has always had the ultimate last say, but chosen not to exercise it

If they had really 'lost control' how could they ever remove the UK from the EU?

And leaving the EU, or whatever it is they decide they want, means they'll have even less control. The UK will have to toe the line on EU legislation if they want market access. And they will have absolutely no say in what those laws will be.

Regrettably, successive governments have blamed Europe for their own homemade disasters, never admitting how much influence the UK actually had in Europe (a lot), and that they were in part responsible. Hoist on their own petard methinks.

Now what was it someone said (if immigration is your concern) about the >50% of immigrants that come from outside the EU that your government has always had control of and actually done errr.... nothing about ?

Had control. Forgot to use it. And you trust them to make Brexit a success? Good luck with that.

I'm off to watch Trump throw more Crocs in the swamp.

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