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More than just economic uncertainty

"Life is getting more expensive for Brits since the EU referendum heaped a whole load of uncertainty onto the economy."

And that's just one form of uncertainty. Mrs H has decided to leave the sunny South of England and join me here in The Hague and look for a job while she can under freedom of movement.

I'm just off the phone with a chat with one of my oldest friends, Miss F of London - a Leave voter, who claimed that we shouldn't worry as Brits would never have any problems moving to the rest of Europe. When I suggested that surely any UK limits on immigration would be reciprocated on this side of the North Sea Miss F's response was basically "pooh-pooh". I'm just staggered. Sorry if this is incoherent, but I'm just stunned that someone can vote that way and then claim it won't have any impact?!?!?

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