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No. The British voter saw no such thing. Many British voters looked to Boris and his chums..

They saw that they were very definite in what they promised. They heard that they shouldn't listen to people who knew what they were talking about. They heard that all the experts knew less about the economy than the owners of the Daily Wail.

They looked at Nigel and saw he seemed like a nice used car salesman and over a third of them voted for national sepukku.

This was not a rational process. Every time they heard something worrying, they put their hands over their ears and said the mantra "Project Fear".

Only an idiot still believes in that 18th century idea "sovereignty". No countries are sovereign. A couple of failed states have come close, Somalia for example. Even North Korea does business with China. It may host a couple of embassies. I imagine that it does business with someone? It is not completely sovereign then. Some of the worlds biggest successes have their economies heavily affected by others, have lots of treaty obligations and are part of large trade groupings like the one that we are being undemocratically forced to leave.

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