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But to the rest of us?


You realize it. I realize it. Most of the readership of this rag regardless on which side of the fence they are realize it.

Unfortunately, based on this (and several other polls) it looks like the majority of the voters actually believed the utter tripe fed to them by Mr FrogFace and Co that Britain as a country can have its cake and eat it too. They did not realize that the fat cats which sat on the Remain campaign board were not lying on this one.

Thus, regardless of how it ends up, it will not end up well.

By the way, someone on this thread said "happy not to have a Trump or a Le Pen". Dude, let me explain this to you - you will have Adam Sutler after the next election when the already disillusioned and broke masses which voted for BrExit get shafted on the actual meaning of BrExit. At least.

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