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What makes you think that the 'inventor' cares about the opinion of someone who thinks that a few parts per million of dead cow would be sufficient reason to have a cow on the matter? He sells plastic to governments for use as money. That's the end of his involvement. Presumably, should the Indian government think that the Indian public would have a cow on the matter, they won't be buying that plastic. Presumably, there just aren't enough Hindus in Britain (or Australia, or any of the other countries which buy the plastic) for the governments to care, and there are a hell of a lot more Hindus than there are vegans.

Should the governments in question start to request cowless plastic, then they'd get cowless plastic, no doubt at an increased price to cover the costs of de-cowing it. Once the bill for de-cowing is presented, I suspect that the majority of governments, most especially including the British government, would decline to pay extra for de-cowed plastic unless a significant portion of the electorate screamed loudly enough. A few thousand, or even a few hundred thousand, out of a population of 60 million is not going to be enough.

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