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HBO slaps takedown demand on 13-year-old girl's painting because it used 'Winter is coming'

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OOohh, that would have provided me with months of entertainment at no cost if they'd done that to my daughter.

The "counter-notice" stuff sounds all scary and whatever, but I'd assert a good faith belief that they were talking b*****ks in a heartbeat and make it as expensive for them as I possibly could.

That's the kind of weekend project I like, along with correcting the junk mail that comes through my door, reporting "faith healers" to the advertising authorities when they claim to be able to cure stuff, and taking the smallest of personal complaints to the extreme when companies pull unnecessary junk like "Sorry, can't do that, data protection" when it's not actually anything to do with that.

A lot of companies have learned the hard way that a guy bored on the weekend, with a modicum of legal knowledge, and a desire to REALLY purge the world of this kind of piss-take can cost them more than their notice could ever have provided them. Especially when I add my costs to a running total stated in every letter after a certain point (i.e. we've established my complaint, you've asserted I'm wrong, it's gone back and forth, so from that point on I add on the price of every stamp, envelope and my time to every letter from that points onwards and demand you not only solve my [reasonable or I wouldn't even bother to get this far] complaint but those costs too now that it's gotten silly).

Hell, I just hope they would actually bite and fight to assert their claim, because I hate when companies do what they should on reception of a complaint, it takes all the fun out of it (my father-in-law does the same but he's refused to do it with certain companies because they do just refund/compensate you immediately without question, and it takes all the fun out of it, and then why punish the good guys?).

Hey, HBO. Winter is coming. That's a statement of fact, written in books long before you even existed. You don't own it, even if you have a trademark on it. That trademark is to stop COMPETITORS passing off as you, not to censor little girl's unrelated artwork. Your due diligence in asserting such claims just f***ed up royally, and I'd take you up on every offer of counter-filing, lawsuit, etc. just out of principle.

Here's hoping they are too stupid to spot the bad press and back down from such future endeavours. Where's the fun in that, when they are utterly in the wrong?

Hey, HBO, why don't you pick on Garry Kasparov:

Or the Cambridge University Alumni store? Or any of the 13m hits I get for the phrase that have nothing to do with HBO or their TV series at all?

I know the answer. Because they would write back and tell you to f*** off at great expense to yourself, whereas a girl and her father won't.

Winter is coming, people...

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