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If it is for fiction/performance purposes (motor resistance = heat), you have to wonder why its also in the 8TB Reds with spin speeds of 5400rpm. Environmentally, its not good, the Earth's limited supply of Helium escapes into the outer atmosphere never to return, and is needed for medical purposes.

For WD, in terms of the WD 8TB Reds, its cheaper to keep one production process, than use a different design, but it serves no purpose at 5400 rpm, as I can see. So cheaper for WD, at the expense of the environment. In circumstances like this, WD should be taken to task.

The problem at the moment for prosumers running their own NAS, is 4TB-6TB 3.5'' External Hard disks are been replaced by 3.5''' SMR (Shingle Magnetic Recording) drives, which was bad, but now they are been replaced by 2.5'' Portable SMR Drives.

The cheap way of extracting Internal Hard Disks from External Enclosures is on the way out because of this. 5TB 3.5'' 'sold as' PMR Internal Drives are setting around £180.

6TB Internal 3.5'' PMR around £230.

The last of the Toshiba 5TB 3.5'' 7200rpm 128MB Cache Canvio External USB Drives are been discontinued by the looks of it. Amazon have sold out, BT.Shop have sold out, and Ebuyer still have a few for £109.99. After that it seems the price will jump to £180+, by been forced to buy an l 5TB / 6TB Red Internal drive to get PMR recording, rather than Shingle Magnetic Recording Hard Discs.

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