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Here's another aegis to consider unbelievably profitably for the brave hearted and less than lily livered and liveried , GrapeBunch ......

amanfromMars …… trailing and trialing AIMajoring Meme Streams on

“We need to have some way of encouraging visionary leadership in that area. People who can tell a story that brings people together from different factions and different religious groups into one nation. That’s what is missing.” ….. Boris Johnson

Amen to that, Boris …. but you cannot encourage visionary leadership in a space with places lacking vital, virile, viral intelligence agents …. however, that is not to say that they cannot be encouraged/supplied into those virgin spaces and empty places. Usually such is just a simple/complex fiat currency purchase/virtual bank money transfer away. IT aint rocket science, is it, and surprisingly and easy ?

And .... is such a mission/operation/project/program not within the remit of a Foreign Ministry , and the raison d'être of being a State Actor Foreign Secretary if it is not to be ceded Seeding Prime Non State Actor Territory? Or is that ideally a Joint Venturing Virtual Enterprise?

RSVP .... for as all fools and their horses know, a vacuum encourages private pirate actions and sub-prime reactions as consequences ? :-) And aint that the gospel as evidenced by media in all of its spooky forms and alternative guises.

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