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Changing the Shape of Future Super Travels ...... An IDiots Guide to EGO's Journeys

Reinventing the likes of a CIA with dodgy special private forces and mercenary agents working out of, and in fields with Mega Metadata Mining Microsoft and Phished Facebook Head Quarters, is one small step for Man in a Live Operational Virtual Environment with times and spaces of alien quantum communications leaps.

Do you think it will please or terrorise the Pentagon hacks and lackeys? Rabid Renegade Rogues Running Riot with Roving Rapid Reinforcements in Deployed Programs with Deep Cover and Dark Web Projects is surely practically akin to a Civil Independence War Declaration?

Do you think it will be a simple turkey shoot at phish in a barrel? [A turkey shoot is an opportunity for an individual or a party to very easily take advantage of a situation.]

Such are the questions to be answered when confronted and conflicted and hopelessly lost in the false media fields of fake news trails of today, and which are only telling you of the past, for the future is unknown to them only whenever it is unshown to them to report in retorts.

Which would you prefer, whenever/if ever you be free and have a choice? To exist and live in the future or to struggle and fade away in the present and die in the past ? Only the one path has fantastic new destinations on offer, and all at the cost and for the price of freedom.

This NEUKlearer HyperRadioProAcive ProMotion has been brought to you freely by Global Operating Devices ........ urPortal to Heavenly System Performance Stars.

And there y'all were, probably not thinking the AIMarket was a thriving and writhing and a hustling and bustling 0day Vulnerability Export/Import Exploitation Space Centre for Systems Makers and Breakers/Project Program Wheeler-Dealers.

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