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Soon to come non-standard .xml...?

A bunch of hoopla for "It's going on your back" or "We're getting cheap" or "Hello 1998.xml". I'm thinking Netflix wants YOU to meta the tags for them, just how Google had you "contribute" to Maps. That or they are just getting cheaper and charging more (most likely).

Anyways, I'd vote for .xml being there is already a DTD to validate against. As an added bonus, there is _MANY_MANY_ tag systems besides this "Hollow" that have been using .xml for meta for nearly 20 years, so that's a serious kick start.

Lastly, has Netfilx really never seen the <meta type="Title">SCAM!</meta> tag before? This sounds like a gimmick to create a standard by breaking all standards to do the name of profit.

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