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"Not sure that is a good point to make. Wool naturally falls from sheep and shearing just accelerates that process and is beneficial as the result is more comfortable (obvious the process the sheep go through is a little distressing, but done well most of them seem to bleat quite merrily afterwards."

Errrr..... by that logic, the cow would die naturally anyway, we just accelerated that.

Not sure that's the strongest debating point you could have picked, but I kinda get where you are coming from

I have to say, I find it grossly depressing and offensive, that given the shit going on in this world, that THIS is what gets people upset. They probably f!"£$~@ inhale more "animal based byproducts" walking into the damn supermarket than they get from touching a fiver. Grow the f**k up and take a more reasonable, balanced view of the world. I do not believe the Human Race could possibly survive without farming and eating animals (how we treat them, whole different argument), so animal by-products are forever going to be a "thing". Live with it and stop expecting the significant majority to bow in homage to your own personal fetishes!!!

Yes I know that's insensitive, yes, I know some Religions have issues with it, but seriously people, get over yourselves.

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