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Not sure that is a good point to make. Wool naturally falls from sheep and shearing just accelerates that process and is beneficial as the result is more comfortable (obvious the process the sheep go through is a little distressing, but done well most of them seem to bleat quite merrily afterwards.

But in our dream vegan world, there wouldn't be any sheep for the wool to fall naturally from. Why waste valuable lentil-growing land to graze sheep, just to get a crop of wool? Ditto, no cows, chickens or pigs. I was going to say, 'apart from a few in a zoo', but of course there are no zoos in Vegtopia. You might get the odd wild Jersey or boar wandering the Northern forests, but that's it.

Veggie is fine as a lifestyle, and probably pretty healthy. But munching on the occasional bit of naturally-reared animal does help to keep a living countryside. I rather like hearing the local sheep, cows and horses chatting when I'm dozing off to sleep.

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