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Eh? Doesn't need overtime. Just needs some GPOs for the applocker and installing and configuring the FSRM role on the file servers. Thats the joy of AD, you can centrally manage almost anything with policies.

By linking to Ubuntu I assume that you are implying that we should rip out all our Microsoft infrastructure and replace it with Linux? Not really practical when we have multiple SQL servers, an Exchange infrastructure, numerous application servers and a farm of Citrix RDS hosts running a large number of applications with no non-Windows alternative.

Assuming I could find Linux based replacements for everything we run, I think that the amount of overtime required to replace everything would be a tad more than was required to put in the mentioned mitigations.

Personally, I am completely OS agnostic. I had used numerous flavours of xnix going back to SCO unixware. I do run some Linux servers. I just use whichever OS is suitable for the job.

I do despair when we constantly get people who run the odd Linux box or two think that you can rip out a mature enterprise infrastructure and replace it with Linux. These are tools to do a job, not a religion.

You are a very silly man. Go away.

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