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"Then it was decided we could statically check software with type checks. Programmers hated types "why should we have training wheels" - this thinking is a completely false analogy."

Long before my time. I grew up with strongly typed programing languages in the late 80s.

But OTOH, javascript is one of the most "popular" languages around now. Which naturally inspired some old-timers to introduce TypeScript which is again strongly typed.

Though it would be interesting to see some statistics on this (how many favours strongly-typed languages vs those who don't), I do suspect you are barking up the wrong tree. I believe the problem here is that the anti-malware industry is simply trying to make a quick buck off the gullible. If users can be tricked into opening dodgy e-mail attachments, surely they can be relied upon to fork out a monthly fee for 'protection'? And here is the rub: If things start working too smoothly, users might start thinking that they no longer needs 'protection'. They need constant reminding of the dangers that lurks out there. Flaws in the security software itself? All publicity is good publicity.

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