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It might be interesting to see an OS that didn't even have a superuser that can dole out those privileges, but then you'd have problems with the issuing company being responsible for determining which pieces of hardware can be accessed by each driver/stack/framework. It would probably limit 3rd party driver and service development projects as well. Even the scale of changes that would allow the OS to lockdown which system services get access to specific pieces of hardware--even through an intermediary service--would probably require completely rearchitecting the OS, so it's not likely to be done anytime soon.

As it is, the OS normally does pass off the work to specialized modules, but without restricting which systems or pieces of hardware they can access. They just don't bother wasting their resources accessing unrelated stuff.

But I thought your rant was supposed to be about anti-virus software, which insists it needs all that stuff, and for rather more dubious reasons.

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