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Re: The Machine was obsoleted by Intel's Purely Platform

It's not that simple.

A large pool of (storage class, nonvolatile) memory can be built either by putting some in each of many servers, or with memory boxes somewhat analogous to today's disk arrays.

However, a key point of sharing byte addressable storage class memory like this is, well, accessing it directly, inline in user space code. Like a DAX space, but shared at the rack level (or larger). Not calling an RPC, not calling a storage stack, just reading and writing (subject to access controls, of course).

Another key point is that the limit on the number of DRAM DIMMs in a server today is far too low, and the reach of DRAM connections is far too short, to replace rather than supplement storage.

Intel is a smart, resourceful company, but Purley was developed to run with today's software, not in the future software world The Machine envisions. So while Intel has the Cray PGAS software to draw from, and could probably share the storage within a multi socket server over QPI or successors, there is no indication of user space (inline) access over Omni-Path.

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