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"Big Iron" thinking won't win

just to point out, since the invention of the PC, where distributed processing is the natural way for things to go, there's still a lot of "big iron" thinking out there, trying to drive computing in the direction of the past [i.e. big supercomputer, lots of dumb clients]. "The Cloud" is one of these trends, and it's not trending so well in my opinion (i.e. "highly overrated").

Sure, there will always be need for centralized data and storage, and even occasional centralized processing, and rent-a-CPU cloud services try to fill that need. However, no data pipe is fat enough to handle what a properly designed, locally run on a multi-core CPU, multi-threaded algorithm can do with summarized/snapshot data in lieu of some monster-server trying to run mega-queries on "all that noisy nonsense".

Hopefully HPE's good ideas will end up on THE DESKTOP COMPUTER, where they belong. Or a game console. Or some other such 'end user device'. That's because the benefits of "Big Iron" just aren't there for the larger segment of the industry.

So if _I_ were HP, I'd focus on leveraging multi-core desktops instead. It will have a bigger and more sustained payoff.

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