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We wanna give IoT folk kilobit data rates, beam NB-IoT telcos

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Hiroshi Tsuji, of Japanese telco KDDI, got it right by saying that the IoT "doesn"t need high specifications, high speed or high performance", which in relative terms is what the NB-IoT spec achieves for IoT.

The hackers won't like this. The Botnets that use IoT devices need full speed access to make an effect.

The Carriers will love it. They can add a $20/month charge + $5/month (for the bill) for this 'extra' functionality (if you are in the USA and called AT&T or Sprint or Comcast)

This will be on top of the extra $50/month for using 5G. (sorts like EE did when they introduced 4G)

Lovely jubbly if you are a mobile carrier.

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