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They are not alone

Because you folks are from the UK you may not know about Scott Adams, the Dilbert cartoonist, persuasion expert, blogger, etc. He predicted Trump's victory slightly over a year prior to the election day, and posted countless blogs about the progress of the campaign right up to and after election day.

He gave his detailed reasons for his prediction, allowed that there could be a number of things, events, or happenings along the way that could change the result, but he dealt with all of those as the campaign progressed. He is not a computer modeller/statistician, just a man who was able to recognize reality and see through the haze of wishful thinking and cognitive dissonance that befuddled almost all of the pundits, academics, reporters and other media types, and certainly a lot of the general public and the politicians. Check out his blog. You will be amazed. Google Scott Adams' Blog.

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