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Infinite acceleration, and a smidgen of reality?

Time didn't exist before the big bang, and if the clock didn't start ticking at the very moment matter came into existence, then acceleration would have been infinite and the entire universe scattered to the ends of eternity.

Perhaps there is a force that we have yet to get our heads around, one that isn't constrained by time, and has been expanding from the start at a constant rate, defining the limits of our universe and thus in the moment time didn't exist, act as a break to stop the universe expanding into obscurity.

So. In the beginning the universe expanded at an infinite rate, but infinity was bounded by a force that expanded at a more casual pace, let's say for arguments sake, speed of light squared,

Matter would accelerate at infinite speed from the source of the big bang, yet not breach the bounds of this new force, which I shall name Reality. The effect wouldn't be unlike a balloon inflating, with matter and energy colliding together at this boundary for an eternity and thus evening out any disparities, to create the more or less homogeneous place we see today. Once time came into being the whole process got a little more sedate, and the "inflationary" period came to an end.

Reality is now defining a universe many factors beyond the furthermost particles that we consider to be the boundary, and seeing as Trump has just been elected, proof that is of no relevance to today's universe.

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