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Have an upvote DougS:

"Modern CPUs have so much going on that the more complicated decoder required for x86 is simply lost in the noise in a multi billion transistor chip."

I'd still rather that chips did not have complex decoders simply because it makes design verification difficult, and that is is important because I want bug-free chips... I want bug-free chips because it's hard to replace a chip soldered onto a board - or buried inside a rack. The x86 errata sheets & documentation around the various permissions mechanisms tend to be byzantine - and Intel have a rather ugly track record of pretending security vulnerabilities in their chips don't matter. :(

The thing that ARM chips typically lack in comparison to their Intel competition is memory bandwidth - and that requires to you drive a lot of wires at high frequencies - which burns a lot of juice. My suspicion is that ARM chips with equivalent STREAM bench figures may actually burn a comparable amount of power to an Intel chip...

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