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"It won't. Emulation is slow. It's not gonna happen. She fell for this once before, when reporting on the release of the original ARM based Surface."

Emulation isn't necessarily "slow" these days - and hasn't been for decades, FX!32 ran PKZIP 1.5-2x quicker despite the host processor having a 30% clock speed deficit. Typical desktop apps make a lot of API calls - those can be run native, and of course code tends to spend a lot of time executing loops - so caching translated sequences of instructions yields big benefits. Folks running code on JVMs benefit from those same tricks every day - it's not rocket science any more.

Of course it's better not to require emulation in the first place - but old x86 binaries developed for 300Mhz P3's should run just dandy on a 2GHz ARM these days.

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