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Until last month, I'd been with Plusnet for about 14 years. In the early days, if you had a problem, you'd get through to someone knowledgeable, and able to do something that could resolve the problem. Since the BT takeover, proper techies doing support have gone, to be replaced by script readers. A couple of years back, email stopped flowing, and I found they had changed all my MX records for my domains to their own servers. It took hours to talk to someone who knew what an MX record was, and even then they refused to acknowledge that they had changed the records. I moved the domains from them as soon as I could.

The last three occasions I have had trouble also meant 45 minute waits on the phone - they removed or made incredibly difficult to find the old way of reporting faults online.

Moved to a new ISP last month.

A few days later, I got an email from Plusnet to say that money would be taken from my account for the next month's service. I contacted them (45 minute call) to say they;d made a mistake and that I no longer had service from them, cancelling the old DD authorisation in the process. I got batted around to several different people, the last of whom said oh yes, and put the phone down. I took up the battle on the web site and on twitter. Demands for payment continued to be emailed to the point where it felt like a blackmail scam gone wrong - "Your service will be cancelled if you don't pay...." After two weeks, another twitter campaign and more online reporting, they finally emailed to say their automated system had made a mistake.

Moving to another ISP was a hard decision to make; would the grass be greener on the other side? Actually the move itself was a doddle, the only hassles being the ones described above. Plusnet's race to the bottom may be fine, but I was expecting, and paying for, the service I used to get before that race started.

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