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New SLA Needed - TTR (Time to Remediate)

One of the interesting things I notice watching the O365 "Health" status is just how long it takes Microsoft to fully remediate an issue. You'll see an issue get opened and normally diagnosed quickly (within hours, sometimes a day), and then a patch developed for what's normally a regression caused by some other work that's been done. And then you wait. And I mean wait. I've seen many issues take WEEKS to get fully deployed. MS dutifully keeps you notified of progress (X% complete, day after day), but if your account happens to be at the end of that repair chain you are waiting a REALLY long time to get your service restored.

It's one of the interesting things about cloud services I don't hear many people talk about, and that's the time it takes to repair a massive amount of infrastructure even when know how and have a fix available. I expect this to only get worse as the cloud continues to grow.

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