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Allow us to sum this up: UK ISP Plusnet minus net for nine-plus hours

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Re: one of the most whinged about comms providers in the UK

"BT would NEVER sit its 1 bilion ton gorilla butt on a solid asset to squeeze a little extra profit, eh?"

Absolutely not, no.

Same way as Ofcon wouldn't tolerate BT plc abusing BT plc trading as Plusnet to drive coach and horses through the regulatory regime. BT plc trading as BT Retail's prices are regulated, and BT plc trading as Plusnet's aren't. Which meant that in principle for a little while BT plc could have used Plusnet to undercut BT Retail's regulatory minimum prices (yes you read that right) thereby ensuring that potential competitors (smaller ISPs than BT/Sky/TT) wouldn't have a market niche to address - BT Retail as brainless bundler of overpriced and underperforming services for the naive and ill-informed, Plusnet as low cost ISP for the cost conscious and technically savvy, where's a mid-priced ISP supposed to go against those two?


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