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Emulating x86: Microsoft builds granny flat into Windows 10

Christian Berger

Actually, now they are trying the shit that stuck

I mean if you look at Microsoft, the only thing that's consistently worked for the last 20 years was the win32-API on x86. If you wrote a program only using that in 1996, it's very likely it'll still work perfectly fine today. If you were smart, it won't even need any kind of installation or framework.

Now Microsoft is finally trying to do what they can do best, running win32 code.

To succeed you need to find something you can do well. For the iPhone this was shiny design, for Android this was the (broken) promise of having an open system. For Microsoft this always was running legacy code from the previous decades.

And it's always been that way, even if you look at the famous Windows 386 commercial, you'll notice that they are mostly running DOS software in their shiny new Windows 386.

Even well after the year 2000, people often ran DOS software for some applications.

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