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"How many people need to run "legacy" apps? Most people use a browser, office, skype..... and not much more."

At home, maybe, but in companies legacy code is essentially. For example we use WS_FTP95 at my current company as the only allowed FTP-client. At a company I was before (from 2008) we were using Protel98, a electronic CAD package from 1998 with no plans to ever upgrade.

There's plenty of software run in company that will never be updated because it runs and because Win32 used to be more or less stable. In fact there are even many software packages like Praxident which where maintained over 2 decades, but assimilated all those old technologies which seemed hip at the time. Those packages use everything from OCX components over OLE Automation and direct access to printers, up to .net.

The Business market is still important for Microsoft. Office is one of their most profitable product, and companies are likely to purchase profitable service contracts.

The consumer market is long lost to Android anyhow.

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