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> Had Microsoft invested in making parts of the operating system *itself* run on the CLR (or maybe some special version of it)

Allegedly they tried that, according to developers. The reason that Vista was 6 years after XP and was hurriedly thrown together* was that the plans were to have a CLR based OS to be released in 2004 or so. This was supposedly to run on x86 and PowerPC. It appears that they also want to build an XPC similar to the XBox 360 so that they could take over some of the OEM's business to increase revenue and become more like Apple.

The problem was that they couldn't get it to work, and what did work was really slow.

* Enterprise contacts were a 3 year period. They signed up a lot of them around the release of XP. There was no update in 2003/4 but renewals were signed anyway. If there was nothing in 2006/7 then a lot of contracts would not have been renewed so they had to get _something_ out and Vista was the result.

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