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win-10-nic phone isn't being adopted [so who cares]

you know, there's such a PATHETIC number of people actually USING Win-10-nic phones, that it's really just a WASTE! OF! TIME! even TARGETING this kind of thing.

Micro-shaft is busy walking over gold bars to pick up PENNIES. They've completely screwed the pooch and dropped the ball for existing desktop users, and also alienated their "developers developers developers developers" by INSISTING on this path towards self-destruction for everyone ELSE, too. I guess FAIL likes to take others with them so that they don't "feel so bad" about being FAILURES.

UWP isn't selling Win-10-nic. Developers aren't buying it. Adding x86 emulation for a PHONE is just a waste of time. Has anyone else out there tried using qemu in emulation mode? Performance STINKS when you emulate! Unless that x86 application was written for MS-DOS back in the early 1980's, it's not going to perform very well on a PHONE, and you probably won't even be able to USE it properly.

SO many levels of FAIL here.

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