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I had worked at another telecoms company for 5 years before they were also acquired by Daisy. I've now been at Daisy for 6 years so without trying to sound too brainwashed I know we have very strong processes and some very experienced people in place who deal with acquisitions. That said, I understand your concerns and your issues with AN.

Just as a counter-balance I've worked with most of my customers for many years so they've had consistent account management.

International and roaming calls do vary depending on location, but I can't see any reason for such high rates unless you are on a legacy tariff which needs updating.

Rebates shouldn't be an issue. I make sure they get paid and they don't need to show me a contract as believe it or not I keep copies!

Emails into our service desk are logged in a ticketing system and are regularly monitored to ensure they are being dealt with. As an account manager I have access to these stats and review them with my customers to ensure they are being dealt with promptly.

If you want to see what we can do to improve your situation then feel free to get in touch:

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