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TfL to track Tube users in stations by their MAC addresses

Dave Bell

Each MAC is supposed to be unique, so it's going to be hard for this not to be Personal Data.

It's possible that a different number could be assigned each time an MAC enters a station, and used in the tracking records, so that the tracking data for a device can't be combined across multiple visits. That might work and be legal without having to get permission.

As a very occasional visitor to London, I'm not that bothered. But anyone thinking an MAC address isn't personal isn't thinking this through. And that's what worries me. Just a hand-wave about de-personalising the data isn't enough. Did the people planning this know enough?

(I know enough about law and technology and stats to ask awkward questions around the intersection. It's a little worrying that I might know more about MAC addresses than the lawyer, and more about the law than the techie.)

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