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Fallout from Euro Patent Office meltdown reaches Dutch parliament

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"I know nothing about this other than what I've just read - but I note:"

I have read this story in El Reg (many articles) but I am Septic, so I haven't heard about this from any of "our" sources. But even then you've missed a fiar few points:

  • The unions do not like Battistelli
  • Battistelli does not like the Unions
  • No-one else likes Battistelli
  • The Administrative Council have told Battistelli to stop acting like a Tyrant
  • *Several* heads-of-state have told Battistelli to stop acting like a tyrant
  • Employees of the EPO are still saying that Battistelli is acting like a tyrant

This article just reads like the one Authority who can curb this EPO debacle and depose Battistelli is finally waking up, and threatening to count to three...

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