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IETF plants privacy test inside DNS



Brings to mind old fashioned beer bottles up here at least, likely down south of the (soon to be built) wall as well.

DNS resolver logs make interesting reading for TLAs. NAT is one thing, but is only partially sufficient to mask the paths your browser travels. TLAs have access to your ISP's logs, and assuming that DNS over UDP is cleartext, they can pin bows on the IP connections.

Over here in the 'western' world it means very little to most of us that the TLA's and such can put all this together. At least at this moment. There are places where this sort of collation of information is already a threat to one's continued ability to walk about town and enjoy sunshine. At some point, cat videos will become the equivalent of porn.

Nice to see some work being done on these fronts. I'm sure they will put down the latencies and efficiencies so that those who need to can make the call if its 'worth doing'. Because, there will always be that moment, for someone, when it will be worth doing.

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