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I bought a Linx 8-inch tablet 2 Christmases ago with Atom Z3735G that cost me £80 and runs a Windows 10 (upgraded from 8). While I mostly use it like a tablet, I can and have used the desktop just fine. It's not going to win a prize for speed but it's enough to run desktop apps like word processors and similar apps.

While Intel was late to the mobile market, their chips are competitive with ARM chips. Performance / battery benchmarks show that time and again. And in a device which is supposed to turn into a Windows desktop it seems a no-brainer to at least start off with an x86 compatible device.

I doubt emulating x86 on ARM is going to lead to a good experience at all. I suppose Microsoft could machine translate DLLs to native ARM instructions on first load but even that is going to be suboptimal.

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