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Alternative Networks joins Daisy chain gang: Hungry rival snaps it up for £165m

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Not surprised

This news doesn't surprise me at all. The main problem I found when working at Alternative was the amount of managers who had absolutely no assertiveness or people skills to hold senior relationships with customers. They had literally risen the ranks due to corporate brown nosing and relying on one or two exceptional account managers. I suspect a lot of these managers who have been at AN for 10+ years are going to struggle a bit with the job market as I can't imagine ex-Computacenter senior management putting up with them!

In response to AC, Account Managers were always coming and going. Frustratingly, our objectives were much more focused on revenues than service so long term customers who weren't buying regular would move down the priority list in all departments. Quite a sad way of doing business in my opinion, hence why I left!

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