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Alternative Networks joins Daisy chain gang: Hungry rival snaps it up for £165m

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

hey ho... time to pull the yellow/black.

We do >150K p.a. with AN but have had 4 account managers in 3 years.

They offered us international call rates of 30p/min when the competition is offering 5p/min for the same destination and they still look for 2 and 3 year contracts in telecoms for these "competative" rates.

They fought tooth and nail over a mobile rebate they owed us contractually, only paying when we showed them the contract they had us sign.

Emails into their new "enterprise service desk" system are ignored.

Our hands have been hovering over the Yellow & Black handle for a few months now, time to pull now - don't want the distractions of a merger further diluting the lack of attention!


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