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Speak for yourself AC. Having had an old Nissan Bluebird back in the early 90's with fuel problems, I know all about replacing the main jet caused by a filter that was clogged so badly up near the tank that the second filter in the engine compartment was getting wrecked with rubbish making its way to the carby and clogging the jet. After the authorized service and repair agents couldn't fix the problem (twice), and it happened again, and they said that the fuel tank would have to be replaced if it happened again. I barely got out of their yard when it happened again, so I idled the car home, about 3km, and started working on it myself. After I drained all the petrol out of the tank, I then removed the floor of the boot, and found the fuel line with another filter that was full of dirt. Pulled it out, and the other filter, and repaired the carby installed 2 new filters, refilled the tank, and restarted the car after allowing the electric fuel pump to fill the system properly, and all was well. I never went back to the authorized place again.

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