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ted frater

Switches as opposed to buttins

I was fortunate to have my engineering degree in aviation , and last night had this moment of insight!!

look at any cockpit and all the switches are like electrical switches used to be.

a lever that would be either up or down with a light on the lever end to show when its energised!!

so a button is cheaper thats why its used whereas on the flight deck it would be a disaster despite having a green light to say its on. i was always glad to see 3 green lights on approach to RAF Ballykelly after 12 hrs over the noggin looking for USSR subs, to show the under cart was locked down


A positive clunk click cant be beat. And its much more positive for safety reasons.

a proper lever sw on the front of all comp kit? for our blessed female user?

A real selling point.

But im just a luddite for safety.


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