Reply to post: IT support can make strong people cry.

User needed 40-minute lesson in turning it off and turning it on again


IT support can make strong people cry.

Unlike with a car, computer users don't always (if ever) get lessons in how to drive the things.

I always gave my L users lessons. This was more for my benefit they would know what things were called but I also showed them things as well, like the difference between Hibernate, Sleep and Shutdown. I would tell them why it was not a good idea to have 42GB of file on the desktop and give them training on how to MOVE it to the appropriate folder and then create a shortcut for it on the desktop. I would then explain 7 or 8 months later to the same L user why it was not a good idea to have 96GB on their desktop and again show them how to move it and as before, I would have them repeat the lesson 2 or 3 times. Third time it was then their slow machine and not mine. Teachers are not good IT users.

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